Show Time

So impromptu show in a week ago but now I'm focused on all the up coming weekends of shows and fun. Starting with a mothers day show.

My last commission has lead into my first teacher opportunity. I'm currently teaching a intro to clay class at Sonoma Community Center.

Finishing work

Alright so I've gotten some current commissions almost complete and have a bunch of pieces ready for high fire. I'm accumulating a good deal for work for my upcoming shows.

In May ill be doing a home show in Napa. 

At the end of June I'll be at "Feast it Forward".

The last two weekends in September you'll find me in the Napa open studio tour.

Foe the holidays I'll have one more home show. 


I'am currently working on a large 6' tall bird bath. it is in the wet stages but I've got lots of progress with it so far.

Gearing up for the show season. I have about 4-5 shows lined up for the summer more details to come.

Round 2 Fight!

So thing are moving along. Getting geared up to have a stall at my local farmers market. Almost have all the pieces in place. I've got a far amount of new work just waiting to be fired so i got that to look forward to.

Also, had our first meeting to plan out our art center. We have a group of very dedicated and skilled people.  Our hope is to by the end of 2018 there will be a thriving visual art center in our community.